How could I sum up Los Angeles? I enjoyed Santa Monica, didn't think much of Malibu (there wasn't really anything there...) and it is one BIG city. 
I spent a day getting prepared for the trip (a euphemism for shopping) and found everything I could possibly want at some of the best stocked shops I have ever been to (all in Santa Monica). This was great as it made my life as easy as pie, but after a while I couldn't help but feel that it was all a little too easy, and that the abundance of things too quickly blurred the line between necessity and greed. However, I managed to avoid overspending, and was glad to get out of there with my wallet intact!
I kept reminding myself that this is only the beginning, and that I knew the beginning and the end would be the least exciting bits. Given my pre-flight exhaustion, I am telling myself to chill out and not try to do too much! Can't wait to get on the road though, and get on with it...

(image is 3rd St Promenade, Sta. Monica)

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