The Day After

After my first ever waffles for breakfast (yummy! Thank you Beverly) and my heartfelt thanks, I said goodbye to the Maloofs. 

Where now? What now? I had no answers, just a (typically) vague plan of camping out and getting to Berkeley by Wednesday. So, after panicking for a while, I realised that my decisions are what make this trip (and my life, actually) what it is - what I decide is important, but I just need to decide - to make a choice and then experience what results from it. 

So, I came across country, up into the mountains (and back again due to road closure) and through Thousand Oaks to end up in Carpinteria, a charming little beach town with a campsite next to the sea. I was lucky to get a space, as the 4th July is coming up and it was Friday, but my luck was with me. So I set up my new and wonderful tent (see the pic), cooked my first meal on an open fire and watched the sun set on the beach.
 A tense morning eased into a satisfying evening, and as I experience more of this place, my worries disappear one by one...
I realised that I needed to relax a bit more as I find the lay of the land, and que sera sera, non?

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