12.07.08: Dave Brown and Family

So for a week I stayed with old friends in Vancouver - Dave Brown, who was in the theatre group that my grandfather directed way back when in Coventry, his Aussie wife Joanie and their two multi-passport holding daughters, Claire (older) and Emily (younger) or collectively called "Clemily" by Dave (usually when he's not sure who did what, only that he's got less money in his wallet as a result). This is the second time that these lovely people have put me up (or is that put up with me?) - I stayed with them before in the winter of 2001. After spending the best part of a month on my tod, it was great to see some familiar faces and to be welcomed back into the bosom of the Brown family. 

Me acting the fool, Joanie is unimpressed.

Emily, who is clearly really glad I put my arm round her shoulder. Not. 

Claire and I before we went swimming (no I'm not kidding, and yes it was rather cool in the water).

Dave and I in the living room. I tried to put my arm round him too, but he wasn't having any of it. 

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